Grandly ‘Nawab’ Pre-Release


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‘Nawab’ pre-release ceremony
‘Nawab’ released in the Telugu version of Vallabhaneni Ashok. This is a massive multistar in the direction of the Ace director on the Madras Talkies banner in the Leica Productions offering. In Tamil, the name ‘Wooden Vandana Vannam’ was created. ‘Nawab’ is being released in Telugu. Arvindra Swamy, Jyothika, Shimbu, Vijay Sethupathi, Prakash Raj, Arun Vijay, Aishwarya Rajesh, Tyagarajan and others are the lead actors. The film is being released in Telugu and Tamil on April 27th. A major pre-release event was held in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Maniratnam, AR Rahman, Arvindaswamy, Arun Vijay, Aishwarya Rajesh and Diana participated in this event.

<img class=”size-full wp-image-15867 alignleft” src=”” alt=”” width=”678″ height=”381″ /> My story has demanded!
– Mani Ratnam said “This film is a complete team work. Everybody worked hard. Seetharama Sagiraguru and Rakhi wrote songs. Rakhi wrote two songs. Thank you Rahman. My story has demanded good artists and stars. That’s why I worked with them. They all made fun. I’ve done it very easily. ”

Telugu is louder!
– AR Rahman said, “Speaking in Telugu is very elegant to hear. This is a very good language. Our teacher is Maniratnamanga. Working with him does not seem to work. I do not care about the time if we sit together. Before releasing the first song in Tamil, I made a song. Then I made another song. I am US On the trip I took a room and set the equipment and made a background score. Maniratnangaru believed that .. If you want to send an assistant. No .. I would work and show the video there. He believed me. Blessings were provided. ‘Nawab’ is the full level of Manirathankari. I did not want to take a small chap in the songs. In the background, another song is being played. Then I made another song and I wrote it by Rakhi. Maniratnaguru asked the listeners who listened to the lyrics. If I say then say Rakhi. Seetharasagiaguru is very good literature. ”

Accept the ‘flood’
“Arvind Swamy said,” Rishi in Roja, and the Telugu people gave the ‘Siddharth Abhimanyu’ in Dhruva. I hope also enjoy the ‘flood’ character in Nawab. I started my journey with Manirathankari. He even brought me back when I was away from films. Our 28 year old journey is ours. 8 films became associate with him. This film is very special from the beginning. With each film he is special. This is why the movie is special, the story of the story, the cast and the actors .. I like all this. It is very happy to work with Rehman and Santoshi. We hope everyone will like it, “he said.

Excellent opportunity
– Diana said, “This was the debut I had. I am very happy to believe me and give me such a good opportunity. Tamil cinema legendary is happy to launch me. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with such people, “he said.

<img class=”size-full wp-image-15861 alignleft” src=”” alt=”” width=”678″ height=”381″ />The dream come true
“Arun Vijay said,” Everybody’s dream of acting in the Maniratnagari direction. Today is my dream come true. I am very happy with that. It is very happy to work with Aravind Swamiji and work with everyone in this film. Rehanmagari’s music is already very good. The background score is just as good. The Telugu audiences will definitely like it. An amazing feeling is coming. I like the character of Tango. This role is a milestone in my career. I liked it very much. The audience will see the movie in the theaters. ”

If he teaches children will pretend!
Aishwarya Rajesh said “I am a Telugu girl. Settle in Chennai. Maniratnamari is a dream for everyone. I felt the same way. There is also responsibility. There is no fear beyond that. I acted in Tamil 20 films. Maniagari has not done anything else as a comfit as it has appeared in the direction. We are acting, but as a ludo. I made him very comfortable. He also knows how to teach young children. It’s a big honor in my career. Thank you to Mani Gari, Rehmanagari, Arun Vijayakari, Santoshagiri, Aditi, Jyoti Gari and Shimbu. It’s a pleasure to share in this movie. ”

I’m released!
“Ashok Vallabhbane, who released the film in Telugu, said,” When I was 15-16 years old, it was just the time that the nickers were changing into pants. I’m a big fan of him. If you think that it is difficult to meet him, that’s why I sit on the side of Sarah and I am the producer of the Telugu version of my luck. This is me getting offensive. Everyone knows how popular the guy is. Even if he does not do it, he is very happy to release the film in Telugu. I have seen the ‘leader’ 30 times. I think the smuggler will see that movie. The thief’s thief’s movie would seem to make thieves. If he is now beside him, the heart is burning. I think that if he is Blessings, take a similar journey. With the courage of Maniratnam Sar, I am released in two Telugu states with confidence in the content of the film. Aravind Swamigari grew up watching roja and Bombay movies. He’s the main lead role I got to release the film. I want to release the film in collaboration with everyone. ”

See Morning Show!
– Speaking of life, “We are well aware of Ashok Brahmin. He has always wanted to come to the film industry. He said many times that he would translate if a good movie. He is very happy to be a producer with this movie. I will definitely see the first day of the first day. ”

That’s a chance!
– Chandrasiddharth said, “The friend Ashok leader looked at smuggler, thief thief and wanted to be a thief. But not happy. It is very happy to be the producer of this film. Rehmanakari’s music has universal fans. I wanted to take some time with him. He is happy to talk to him on the Nawab audio platform. My friend Ashok needs a big producer with this film. ”

Great Success!
“Thumala Prasanna Kumar said,” The film is going to be released on Ashok’s release. He did not give up courage even when the theaters do not give mafia theater here. It is the film that has worked with top technicians such as Rahman, Mani Ratnam, Seetharasala Sagar, Srikar Prasad and Santosh Sivan. Manavatangaaru took Nawab in two hours and 23 minutes. The belief that Ashokan was making, is that this technicians are getting harder and the film needs big success. “

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