“Good Boy” In the lap of Super Star Rajini!

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Superstar Rajinikanth to sponsor education of 7-year-old boy who honestly returned Rs 50,000 lying on the road

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Superstar Rajinikanth is a fan of fans. What if something like this is gone? Do not mean sitting on the same … A fan did that. Young lindy There is a seven year old boy in Erode district, Small Semur, in Tamilnadu. His name is Mohammad Yasin. He is studying in the second class. The poor family. When Yassin went out in the past two days to get dirty – there was a cover to him. There are about 50,000 rupees. She grabbed her class teacher. He appreciated the goodness of the boy and got it together with Yasmin, his school principal, who handed the money to the area SP Energy Energy. Yasin honesty has been given a gift of Rs.1000. The kid was sitting. I think it’s too late … I will pay Rs.2,500. That’s the original. In the end, the boy was forced to wear shoes, books, and clothes.

This news was learned by the media by Tamil superstar Rajinikanth. Immediately, the Yasin family was brought to Kumburupeti. The baby was sitting in his lap and his parents met with Basha and his mother Abhrat Begum. Yasin was given a gold chain as a gift. He is endangered by his education and is looking at him as a son. Is not that a child, Rajinikanth is not even Gretay?

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