Gamer Kills Mother For Game headset

F2 Movie

28-year-old Matthew Nicholson of California, is a good video gamer. He plays videogames for relaxation, especially after work stress. On January 11, when he came home, he went into the bedroom and got into the video game. But he got to know that the game head set to be broke down. As he shouted in anger, his mother Lydia Nicholson rushed into his room. He blamed his mother and father for breaking the game headset. He searched for the gun fired twice into the wall furiously. He did not stop until he killed her mother. Later he tried to kill his father too. However, Father Loren Nicholson realized the situation quick and wrestled with th son to get the gun. Later Matthew fled from there. However, the police caught him near the traffic stop.

Technology Madness and Gaming Madness – This is an example to tell people today what kind of mental state they are taking. They are always looking into phone screens neglecting people around them. It is important for such people to know about such events – to find out how the tech madness is destroying our lives.

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