FireFox says Good Bye to Java!

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Java plugin has been affiliated with Firefox for decades on the Internet. Firefox users have been using Java for interactive purposes. Now after Firefox version 57 released, Firefox has been completely came out of Java plugin support. Don’t worry, there is no big loss. Even you don’t have a Java plugin installed, you can do things using Firefox browser now without it. Although it is a symbol of development – techs who are aware of the last longing connectivity between browsers and plugins – get a deep feeling at this farewell time.

The Firefox browser is used by millions of people in the world. Actually Firefox is a new form of old Netscape browser. Although browsers having many great features – plug-ins are added for some special advanced needs. For example, for streaming videos like flash player, silverlight are used. And Java is used for many for interactive purposes while you browse. These plugins are called Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) plugins.

But now web technology has grown well. Internet browsers have become stronger. You were not able to watch YouTube videos without flashplayer in the past. But now everyone can see YouTube videos with the help of HTML5 without flashplayer.

Adding plugins and add-ons in addition to the browser for special purposes, is definitely a good idea. But they affect the browser’s performance and cause to security issues.
How ever its impossible to include infinite number of features in the browser itself without additional plugins. Of course, plugins might be essential for special purposes. But adding plugin should be optional. User should should decide whether a plugin or add-on to be installed or not.

Firefox browser has been slowly saying good bye to these plugins one by one since 2016. Now, Java’s latest version is 57. After releasing version 52 , Firefox needs its tie..

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