Fight to serve or survive?

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Assurance of giving assurances when it comes to the power to come to power. Jagan, who once mocked Chandra Babu as the All-Free Baba – now offers guarantees to the people. Farmers are attracted to the price of harvest before harvesting. We are sure to read your children. And much more about health insurance, debt financing and much more! It’s OK to say two thousand rupees pension. If Chandrababu paid a pension of two thousand rupees, would she pay three thousand? Competitive philosophy? – Do not think that’s right.
We are building houses for all homes. In the future in the jigsaw, why not? If you ask – no one can have hands. Okay. It is good to give generous and useful benefits! But are these all happening, can all the funding for all guarantees be in the budget? That is – the answer is for the future. Is it possible It’s important to come to power earlier! It can be seen later – acting like that. Pony voter also did not eat too little. He also predicts the benefit of any leader when he comes to power.
Whatever it is to say, this overriding promise has started with YS. No matter how much Ys is the name of a man who keeps the word. The guarantees that seem to be impossible, however, did he give up the name of the most fulfilling of them. While the TDP and the Telugu Desam Party are criticizing the YSR’s assurances and misuse of funds, it is still true that YS’s deeds are still in the heart of the people. But I want to see if you can vote for today’s intelligent people – Jagan who wants to go to his father’s path.

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