Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi Success Meet

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Last Friday’s audience came to Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi the first show from the movie will be shown with positive talk. The film unit was shot with the media. Producer Suresh Babu, along with director Tarun Bhaskar along with film actors participated. The Care of Kancharapalam film unit, Venkatesh Maha participated in the film. The film is being produced by producer Suresh Babu.

The producer Suresh Babu said this …

“The audience is all about the movie and the film is enjoying the film and thank you to all the film enthusiasts in the movie. Soon this c We will give you all details about Nima. ”

Director Tarun Bhaskar said

“Thanks to all the supporters of the new actress, the film has a good response from the Audience, there is no sexuality in the film, and the family members will be happy to see all the movies and you will remember your old memories.”

Heroine Simran Choudhary said …

“Special thanks to the director and producer Suresh Babu,” said Tarun Bhaskar, director of the movie,

Heroine Anisha Ambrose said …

“The film is all about the movie which has been a big hit for the audience and thanksgiving to all the theaters please look at the theaters in the theaters and do not enter the piracy with the piracy links to our movie page.”

Vishwak Sen said …

“When the film is released, my friends are happy to call for many tickets and thanks to him, I am thanking him for the new film with Tarun Bhaskar,” he said.

Speaking of Abhiniv Gholam …

“Thanks to director Tarun, the producer Suresh Babu is thankful to all of my supporters and thank you for the hit audience.”

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