Did ‘Chinababu’ Broke the Sentiment?

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Did 'Chinababu' Broke the Sentiment?

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These days movies are having stories with less sentiments. But movie people have always been sentiments. In the case of our Telugu movie titles, Tollywood has a small sentiment that if a title is holding the word ‘china’ or ‘chinna’ ( small) – the film will not be hit, for sure! As well as per the word ‘peda’ or ‘pedda’ ( bigg ) – the sentiment is that the film holding the word ‘pedda’ will be a hit.

For example… take Mohan Babu’s Pedarayudu. it is a big hit … Venkatesh Chinarayudu, a clear flop! Balakrishna’s ‘Peddannayya’ is a hit, Nagarjuna’s ‘Chinababu’ a flop, Jagapathi Babu’s ‘Pada Babu’ a hit, Venkatesh kabboi flap … This is a list of supporting this sentiment. Finally Sumanth Cinema ‘Chinnodu’ Story If you do not say these words, the bigger, lean words hit the hit, the smaller, the little ones flap toward the flap. But now Karthi’s movie Chinnababu comes. Hit. The film has come with a farmer’s background and has brought good name to Karthik. Sahesh is unable to achieve success with Akhil’s movie. Is this old-fashioned sentiment short-lived?

If the Karthi ‘Chinnababu’ hit, this sentiment does not hurt, and it strengthens – says the sentiments. Why? Due to the sentimental direct films ‘small’ – dubbing movies are not paid. Chinnabu Direct is not a Telugu film. This is the dub version for the Tamil film ‘Kodaikkutti Sindum’!
In the past, examples are given to strengthen their argument. In the past, Bhagyaraj’s Tamil film ‘Chinna Veedu’ has been dubbed into Telugu and is titled ‘Small House’. Hit. Bhagyaraja Tamil cinema is the same … ‘Enga Chinna Raja’ is also a dubbed ‘little Raja’. It was again directed again in Telugu but it was not named after ‘little Raja’ – ‘Abbayaguru’. It was hit. Vijaykanth’s ‘Chinna Gundar’ movie is being remade into Telugu as ‘Chinna Raya’ by Utter Plop.
Whatever the cinema is the sentiment … everywhere there is a sentiment. So … the word ‘small / china’ hits to dubbing movies – this movie analysts who do not want to direct movies and direct movies – let’s see when the breakthrough!

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