Dear Directiors, See This Is Humanity!


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Rickshaw is running with blood – a hero said. But a teacher seems to have his scooter run good.

This teacher, Savvy, goes home to find a safety net between iron nets. Those towns come every day and see the scooter once again. Since visitors are coming – do not think that the scooter used by the Maharajas of Kerala. The teacher was given the right to just the sparrow. In a few days, let’s see this scene and use that scooter again. This is what happened …

This teacher, Savithe Mahendran, is located in Ariapapalpalam village in Satyamangalam area of ​​Kerala. There was a work that left for a week or so. Seen Change! Spores are using his scooter. Where the rider is in the legs – the sparrows are nesting. Eggs are also put on.

If there are no human beings, people who have no animal – need a bad pedado or scooter. The nest is pulled off and the cleaning section begins. But the teacher who is the heart has not done so. Ponnie sin … is it a sculptor who knows what it is? Leave two days until … But that does not happen. The ‘Scooter is our permanent residence’ where they stay. Yes, and what do they know, that scooter should go to school at Madya Madam?

In total, children have emerged from two of the three eggs in the middle of the nest. Another thing was also that the sparrow came out and decided not to use the scooter until all of them were flying freely. Do not bother to spoil yourself and build up nets around the scooter without anyone else! True humanity – what’s more than that?

We are directing film directors to raise the heroism of our heroes. Since they do not know how humanity and goodness are – this is a good thing if you can put classes by this Sativamadam by ‘Telugu’ wishes!

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