Crazy Crazy Cover Page Girl!


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Sayesha Saigal has made her debut in 2015 with a shining loo holding an image of Dilip Kumar’grand daughter. Even though she did not get hit with debut’Akhil’, she did not lose any craze. ‘Shivay’ is her Hindi film in 2016. It too was not a hit, but no regrets. Now the Tamil cinema is giving her a lot of chances. Last year, she worked for a film called ‘Vanamagan’. This year, she worked for Kadaikkutty Singam (Karthi’s ‘Chinnababu’ in Telugu), Junga and for some other movies.

Her beauty or crazy look whichever could be the reason – though being not a star heroine, the cover pages of many recent Tamil magazines covered Sayesha. Vannnattirai, Kungumam, TOzhi … Sayesha appeared on all these magazines’ covers. Probably this cover craze is poked to Kannada magazines too. In July, popular Kannada magazine ‘Nimmellara Maanasa’ was launched with the cover of Sayhesha. Anyone has a season. If the time comes no one can stop!

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