Cover Girl.. Not A Coward Girl !

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Telugu cinema and Tamil cinema are very close. In the case of heroes, the hobby is a bit different. We will accept Tamil hero Surya. But win over Vijay. However, in the case of heroines – the Telugu and Tamil audience passes most of the interest. Hence – even from old times – there are always some common heroines nowhere. For this reason – the heroines on Telugu cinema magazines seem to be visible on Tamil magazines. This is the first time that a girl who does not have heroine in Telugu is going to cover the cover of Tamil Magazine. This is done by Sri Reddy.

SriReddy has been accused of being a popular actress in the past few days. “Where are the cameras?” – By throwing objectionable words in her style – she has increased the popularity of her without the need to prove false in her allegations.

Sree Reddy, who has been in the limelight for the Telugu film, has started allegations against Tamil cinema. Though Tamil does not arrive, it has begun to give interviews on YouTube channels with English. All the Tamil cinemas have started writing about Sri Reddy. Covering on cover pages has started. The cinematic magazines and political magazines put her in the cover page. Kannada hero Rajkumar was kidnapped by Veerappan when the popular ‘nakkiran’ Tamil magazine also recently covered SriReddy as cover page.

Here – the Telugu cinema will be angry on the SriReddy. There are some of our bhajan magazines that do not even write a piece against the filmmakers – how does SriReddy get rid of, and no longer make her face a cover page? Ponlendi. Sreeddy is happy to be happy to look at this as a cover page girl at least!

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