Come, Let’s perform “Homam” to save pornstars!

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Until yesterday, Sunny Leone’s name is a crowd of people. Now Varma has brought Mia Malkova to the film with a newly launched movie In India, where the tradition of prominence is to be given to the culture of porn. However, in contrast, Porn Stars are now very popular. In the traditional way of maintaining life between the rules, the Indians have become increasingly popular on Porn for the advent of the internet. The most disgusting and obscene act of people that we do seem to be worshiping as great great stars. It is a matter of debate.

But while here in India, the Porn Stars Craze is growing, in the same industry in the US Porn stars passing away one by one. Yes, five porn stars died in the last three months.

According to the UK Mirror report, the 31-year-old Yuri Luv, a porn star recently died. August Ames, a very popular figure, died for 23 years. Olivia Nova, a porn star died for 20 years. The shyla Stylez, a 35-year-old man, has also died. Now Olivia Lua is also dead. She is 23 years old. In the last three months, she was 5 in the dead porn stars.

Let’s look at India now. All the comedians in our Telugu film Industry are dead, “What happened to the Antabhava and Telugu film industry? There’s something wrong with the same kind of people living in one and the same, that’s why peace is done!” Because we are conservative. Sadly there’s the end of the Pornstars – “Oh, no, how many Stars are dead?” – The Americans do not know that they can do homework unless the porn industry is there, because they are not conservative!

But we are Indians. Good conservatism. Now we are also getting porn stars. But we are proud to love Indian culture. So – if any of us like the Homes without the death of porn stars, it is good that all the conservative Indians think seriously about the subject. Let’s see. As for our Telugu filmmakers and comedians to introduce us to Pornstars, this is the same as the Pornstar Reservoir!

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