A Biopic But NOT A Biopic!


Some of the producers have come forward with the idea of ​​making the film in the name of the biopic. The film is titled ‘Vishu’ as the heroine of the movie. This is my biopic. Nikita Pawar is the heroine. Ravichandra Idamandi, Srinivas GVR Reddy and Nagendra Varma are producing the film under the banner of Yuvan Touring Talkies under the banner of Shiva Ganesh. The film was launched on Sunday morning by the Pooja programs at Venkateswara temple in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad. Actor Jeeva Clap was given to Mukhurtha scene, TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) party leaders switched off Surya Prakash camera.

Director Sivakashesh said, “This is a crime thriller story and stories are new, why is it my favorite film titled ‘My Biopic’? My third movie as director is my first film ’33 love stories’ The second film ‘Sula Kalaavallabhu’ was completed and the film is going to be completed soon Will be released.

Actor Jeeva said, “If the film is a big fan of the film industry, the film will be a big part of the film … Director Shivakash is very persuasive, and he does not leave until he gets the idea of ​​doing his directorial work in ‘Sala Kalaavalabhu’. Happy to be done “.

Hero Vishwas said, “This is my first film as a hero and thanks to the producers who gave me this chance, cinematographer Jagadish is my friend and a good team and audiences want to be in the audience.”

One of the producers, Ravichandra Idamandi, said, “Director Shivakash is my friend and well-wisher, as he tells the story of what is going to happen after a long time and it’s interesting that we start regular shooting from the 26th of July (first July) and the first schedule will be in Village Backdrop. We’re planning to complete ” Rs.

Music director Ajay Patnaik said “The third film with Sivakasheh is the fifth film of the musical composer and the songs are good for the song”. Actor Jabbarthat Murali, heroine Nikhitha Pawar and others participated in this event.

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