Bill Gates’ Big Mistake

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If one mistake is neglected considering small, sometimes you will never be able to rectify that. This situation was met by Windows chief Bill Gates. Usually, the Windows computer we use a difficult combination of three keys, Control + Alt + Delete, to reset it when computer stucks and stop working. Reakky it is hard to press three keys at a time. Would a simple single key be enough instead this hard combination of three distant keys? People say that Bill Gates sometimes regret on this mistake. Actually Control + Alt + Delete key combination is taken from IBM computers without any change.  Recently Gates spoke about this issue. He explained that he never felt bad about that as people think.

There are two types of computers in the world. One is Apple Mac computers, two Microsoft Windows computers. Apple Mac computers are expensive. Windows computers are affordable for many.  Mac computers less trouble the user as per the Apple fans whereas Windows computers always stuck forcing us to use the ugly combination of Control + Alt + Delete keys. Even after Windows 10, Control + Alt + Delete is still a essential command for Windows users. Actually it is a shame on Microsoft and so could be the reason for Gates’ new statement. Of course, Mr.Gates hates discussing about the combination Control + Alt + Delete which brings the prestige of Windows down obviously.

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