Beware of Amazon Ads !

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A low price in the ad … high price on the site … Amazon seems to flollow this technique these days. Recently, this e-commerce site is trying to grow into a strong online business force in Amazon. Amazon is already trying to get a stiff competition for the already-flipping cart in India. Amazon’s Prime Name is going on with promotions such as giving videos, shoring shipping charges, sometimes shipping free. The Amazon Prime seems to have suffered a lot of trouble when it comes to the field. Especially in Telangana, Amazon Prime seems to be a failure.
Amazon has also spared a lot of its ads as a silly Vikarmer. But some of these are inseparable. Amazon’s ads appear to be a lie if the user is told to lie to the site anyway.
We see an item rate in a particular statement. If you want to look cheap, go to the website. However, if you look at the website correctly, the rate shown on the site shows that the rate in the site is very different.
Suppose there is 5 TB hard disk for example. It is at least 13 thousand to 14 thousand rupees. Amazon’s announcement will appear as you look at some of the websites. There it is less than ten thousand rupees. When you get to the site you will be shocked by clicking on what is so little. That rate is getting bigger. Because it’s an import from America. Going into the web site – where importers and export shipping charges are included and the actual price is mentioned there, but the statement does not say all this. Same magic magic!
Amazon produces some products directly from America to India. Indians buy those products kanali which takes the import fee heavily. That’s why they do not tell us this in the statement – they show us the lowest rate and get to the site. It is not wrong to attract customers through ads to sell things. But there is a serious difference in the actual rate of what is shown in the statement. There is another thing to know here. Some are ordering some US products that will come down a bit. Most of the sales through Amazon Export Sales are not warranty. So Amazon ads are fascinated by watching – be careful when purchasing those items on the site.

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