Audience Reacts On Sai Pallavi’s Role In MCA

F2 Movie

Heroine Sai Pallavi was introduced into the film industry with Malayalam movie ‘Premam’. The film is said to have brought her a great name. Critics have also been hung up for her performance. After that, ‘Kali’ and ‘Fidaa’ make her a superstar and got huge applause from the audience. We must really say that Sai Pallavi is the main reason for ‘Fidaa’ movie success.

After the movie Sai Pallavi is acting alongside with Nani in ‘MCA’ movie. In this film, the audience thought that Sai Pallavi will have a character which will be equal to Hero Nani. They also thought that Who will be dominant in the movie. But ‘MCA’ made the audience very disappointing. Sai Pallavi has a nominal character in the film.

At least in the first half, there is a scope where Sai Pallavi impressed in her style. But in the second half, she has no scope for her role. Sai Pallavi, who is a good dancer, has shown her dancing talent in this film. Family party .. Yevandoi Nani Gari Songs are well executed with Sai Pallavi’s dance.

But it is not what people expect from Sai Pallavi. Audience except her mark acting in every film which she acts. Director Venu Sriram was unsuccessful in using the talented actress correctly. The audience is asking questions through social media that Why Sai Pallavi is important for this role? and Why not selected regular heroine in this film?

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