Amazon Prime Not Respecting The South?


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Amazon Prime does not know much of the population. However, people in cities are concentrating on Amazon Prime because of the overwhelming popularity of Internet advertising in recent years. Amazon is not only the Prime, and HotStar and Netflix online streaming services are becoming popular. But if Amazon comes in the Prime Version, it can still be said that it has not become a fully reliable entertainment. Because many thousands of films are available in high quality today. How much do you have to pay for a special Amazon Prime Video? But there are some ways to get piracy …

Something new in the Amazon Prime is pirated and parsed in the forum and tareren sites. However, the latest movies are coming up in Amazon … that is, only in recent times that situation has improved. Although many films in the past have been available in Amazon, Arjun Reddy has since become more and more new films. After Arjun Reddy, he was given the Krishnarjuna War. Later, theater, Bharat, also came into the Amazon. Now the Mahanati movie is also on Amazon. Perhaps, “My name is Suriya” can also come soon. It is a good thing to have a good chance of seeing new films at home, and in the hi-tech films, it is good to see at home. However, it is still unlikely that Amazon did not give priority to Hindi. When we go into the Amazon Prime web site we will find many categories. Tv Shows, Movies, Top Movies, Top Movies, Latest Movies, Drama Movies, Recommended Movies, Horror Movies …

Based on the subject and depending on popularity, different categories will be visible according to their promotion requirements. Some lists are also known as Hindi films and Telugu films. But, by the way of movies by language, we are only English, Marathi and Bengali. Malayalam cinema or Kannada movie will not be visible anymore. The pulpas appear to be ravaged by the Hindi cinema. But there are plenty of plots in the Telugu films category. When people want to become popular in India, not only Hindi, but also the Indian languages, all the more so, to learn the respect of South languages ​​and learn the importance of Amazon. Otherwise it will never reach the public.

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