Alimony : How much it can be?

Husband is responsible for every family and he must tolerate all things with cool. But if a person took divorce from his marriage life, he cant tolerate the issues of wife. Or if that changes as Alimony and cant bearable, How can that husband live? Now this question was raised by Chennai High Court Judge to society.

We’ll be listening now-a-days that girl is innocent and they only got sympathy in the society rather than males. As we say these type of words feminists may get angry but Its true, As it continues we can say that males will be untraceable in future. If there are some male who tease or hurt females personally, But females only get sympathy in society. If there was no mistake with males, society will listen only female words without knowing the truth behind it. Taking this as a situation some females charge false cases against males and demand huge money from them. Now-a-days we are seeing in some divorce cases that females demand huge money after their separation from husband. Latest updates says that A woman with such a tendency was faced different situation. Women who have divorced have been taking alimony from their husbands several times. This type of case came to Chennai High Court recently. She has recently got divorce from her husband who earns 10,500 rupees a month. She asked alimony 70% out of his monthly salary which was approximately Rs.7000. District court judge gave judgment in favor of female. However, that person went to Madras High Court which gave a sensational verdict in the case. The High Court also warned that district court for giving judgment without listening to that male. Judge strongly questioned how he would give a third of his monthly allowance to his wife and survive with the rest with his family. In the present society – women get more sympathy than men. In such circumstances, it is a pleasure to listen such a news where judgment was in favor of innocent men.

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