A safe social network for children

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They are big on Facebook, Twitter, such as social networks are being used in the tribe. But, because of the same scolds the children. Because – not because they are all so ksemakaramainavi! Thirteen children, such as the Facebook entry. But the fun is sharing koddi attracts the interest of children in social networks. Unknown means that the children are not knowingly online age – the age given the wrong information – Facebook accounts are being used to bring the sport of it. However, the Internet is dangerous teliyakavadite knowingly. Increasing contact with strangers on Facebook, then they badhincadam they, threatening – a lot of parents of children with mental ksobhaki ceppukoleka exposure – are a lot of similar incidents.
Thus, children with specific social networks now – Yoursphere, GromSocial, KIDZWORLD, Club Penguin as some are. Lego sansthavallu also recently launched social network of legolaiph. It comes in the form of a mobile App. The social network can be used safely in children without their original aidentitini sansthavallu say this. Lego is not something else. Lego Star Wars games, such as the introduction of children. Lego Brick is a child of nearly seventy years ago as the beginning of the game. That is – as the building blocks of Lego with plastic blocks, which make okadannokati seamless forms is the company most. Lego, which means that there is still a lot of craze in children’s games. https://www.lego.com/en-us/life



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