A Hate Story in Black and White

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There is a lot of racial discrimination happening in Central America, but the trump can not be predicted to be too late. In the last study universities, the roommates do not like each other, and there are only cases where the bangles are achieved. Hartford University, a white girl, was just so furious that the black girl, her room-mate, was just so furious.

A white girl named Brianna Brooch, American, was assigned a room with a black American girl named Jaziroau. But Brianna Brocca, who can not be with the black girl, has been harassing her in many ways – to send her out of the room. She has put her food on the edges, adding ingredients that are not in her, hiding her belongings, not the other two, many things … and all that stuff is posted in the instagram. It’s sadistically happy that my roommate has done enough space.

Even though Jazzy has told the university several times that Brianna is harassing her, she does not care. Jazzy also reported on his internet all the videos in the video and broadcast it on the Internet. Everyone recognizes that. The police are now arrested by Brianna and are being questioned at the university. The university students who have not been so jazzirovay compulsions have been dismissed by Brianna and claim that they do not have racism or racial hatred at their university!

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