6K to replace 4K soon!

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The he quality of audio and video quality has increased a lot in recent years . The big screens are now available for TVs – accustomed to quality and now all HD movies are not watching movies. VCDs have been lost for a long time. The Blu-ray discs also began to emerge from DVDs. 4K Ultra HD videos are now running on videos if you have 2K videos of up to more than one of the video sites on YouTube. Ultra HD TV era has also begun in TV. While still in this situation – 4k place is going to have 6 k Quality. Although the population is familiar with the quality – the number of full HD TVs is low! Furthermore, the upper class is now getting used to 4K Ultra HD. The number of these people is very low. And yet 6K Quality Required … Can not stop coming technology?
Android TV boxes are now widely available. These boxes are like a tablet PC without screen. And if it is attached to the TV, the TV also connects to the Internet via WiFi and becomes a smart TV. There are now 6 boxes in TV boxes. 6K means horizontal (horizontal) resolution over 6000 pixels. 720P, 1080P When we think the resolution is good enough, we need more hi-tech? It’s not surprising that after 6K it comes at 8 o’clock. Whether it is required or not, technology is always running. Whether DVV is satisfied with VCD So – new technology should always be invited. Let’s get it! But if technology is not available to most people – it will be no more! When new technology rates are unavailable – people are doing well. So tomorrow no 8k, 16K Quality videos – people have no chance of having a normal HD.

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