5 Years Girl Boycotted For 11 Days

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Girl boycott for 11 days

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The baby made a mistake … the red-wattled lapwing bird did not know the breaking of the eggs. The gram panchayat was sentenced to 11 days housewife. The incident took place at Kota village in Bundi district of Rajasthan. This is a punishment for a girl named Shabnam, who is studying in class 1. During this 11 days she had a bed in the home courtyard. Eventually, this went to the police through the Human Rights Commission and Women’s Rights Committees. In the police inquiry, the Tahsildar Bhagat Singh told him that he did not come home or send him to school, but he said that he was a great achievement. No action was taken on this case which is still under investigation .. What will happen!

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