3D movie without glasses comes home!

There have been investigations about enjoying 3D films without glasses. Even though some of the ways are discovered, the proper method has not yet come. It is noteworthy that MIT is now removing one of the biggest obstacles to it.

To wear extra glasses to see a film is always a trouble. It would be too much trouble for people who already have a pair of eyeglasses, to put the extra glasses on it. A year ago, MIT scientists unveiled a new approach to see 3D films without glasses in theaters. Now they are trying to bring this technology to home. If it gets success, people will be able to enjoy 3D films in their home theaters without wearing any glasses.
Usually 3D films use stereoscopic technology. That means, the two films are broadcasted simultaneously – eaxh image reaches each eye separately and finally make a 3D experience. But now the new technology that the MITs have brought is named “home 3D”. It converts normal stereoscopic 3D films to “Multiview” movies. This involves projecting three or more images simultaneously in three-dimensional way. The viewer feels that he really is there. The simultaneous display of images in several angles is called “auto-multiscopic display”. This can make us enjoy 3D movies without using a pair of glasses.
The great thing is that you do not have to take new format 3D videos for this new experience. Existing stereoscopic 3D videos can be converted and used. So … let us wait for the glasses-free 3D experience on our home TVs!

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