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Charan, Sukumar and Team ‘Rangathellam’ to be sent to Oscar – Powerstar Pawan Kalyan
Meghaapar Star Ramcharan, Samantha Pooja starring ‘Rangazhalam’. Naveen Ernani, Yalamanchali Ravishankar and CVM (Mohan) have produced the film on Maitrey movie makers banner directed by Sukumar. The film was released on March 30. The film was released on Friday in Hyderabad, where the film is worth over Rs 100 crores. The event was headed by Jana Sena .. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan was the chief guest. The ceremony was held as part of the celebration. The song of Jigal Queen .. All of the unit members including mega pavar star ramshan dancing on stage.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan said in the Triumph House: “It is very difficult to capture all the actors in a small frame of the ‘theater’ of the village. Actors and technicians have worked with this film. Sounds listening here are the ‘playground’ triumphant sounds. I wish you all the way not to stop. More records must be broken. More achievement. I wish you all the way to be exciting songs. It is not only in the collections of the collections .. The film is a wonderful movie. Congratulations to the Telugu audience, the director of the film which is proud of the movie in the Indian film industry Sukumagari.

My praise for Nayagan, Ravi Shankaraguru and Mohangari is the filmmaker of this movie. I am acting in cinemas but I do not see my films as well. I went to Sandhiya Theater to see the film ‘First Prayama’. Having been in trouble, I came across half a movie. Many years later, I had a desire to see a movie in the public theater. The reason for that. Ramcharan. Not everyone is saying that its performance is good. Worldwide ratings also enjoy the rating of the Hollywood Movies rating, and the IMDB has rated the film more than just the best of the movie Goddard, Prospertto, Shashank Redemption. It was a wonderful movie and I wanted to see what’s going on in the movie.

I saw the movie. When watching the film, I went to Rangathellam and saw the scenes between the people in the audience. It does not seem like a movie. It seems like life. Records are not to beat. This is the film that comes with the value of the film, along with the values ​​that are close to realism .. It is also a big hit that will give the inspiration to many people. Sukumar has not been offered a chance but he is a very favorite director. The director is close to naturalism. The director is a great writer who knows what a child needs. Anjaneya and Charan, once he crossed once and twice, Charan grabbed the chin and dumped a dirty dirt. I’d like to see and act like this. I do not have the courage to act on the bed. Charan grew up in Chennai, Chennai. I do not know about the village. But Charan, who knew me, was very close to the ground. Height of the height. I’m looking at the small scene. I know this character is the character of his nature. He is the Amazing Performer. I am a big fan of Ravarmachi. Charan and Sushmita I feel better than saying Babai. When Charan’s face was lying in the mask, he left for six hours and learned horse riding. The quest to learn something was from a small piece. Charan artistic material. Perfect actor. I enjoyed seeing her performance. Charan has acted in that role. I looked at the film and kissed it and kissed it.

Charan wants to be in the hands of amazing films. I am a person who believes that Charan level is not in India but also subcontinental. He is the best actor in all. Ramcharan is the perfect actor. She was standing beside me. I also wanted to make this attempt a success if something new. The story of Sukumar’s story is beautiful. Anasuya also played the role of Rangamma. While in Madras, Jagapathi Babu came to Annaiyagari and wanted to become an actor. He knew from then on. He had great characters when I wanted to become a great character artist. The role of the president in this film is to turn out. Adi Pinishetti also knows me from Madras. It has done a very good role in this film. Samantha has done well. Contributing to Zabardath’s casting is good. I like the cinematography of Ratnavali. Such cameramen seems to be good. Devi Sri Prasadagari has music and Chandra Bosegari literature. The reason for the film to be done is due to the director’s vision. Costume designer art art is very supportive. Art Direction was delighted in this film. Thanks to Sukumarakar who introduced such art director. Art Direction, Ramakrishna, his beloved of the Monikari.

This is a film that will go to Oscar. South India and North India are a lobby and we are betrayed if this is not a short list of Los Angeles. If we promote such a film at international level, its rewards will bring our country’s reputation internationally. Dangal also loved me well. Because it’s the story of our clay .. the story of our lives. The story is the story of our soil story. Our clay story. We see several action movies. Romantic movies. But the story of our soil .. our citizens .. our endorsements .. our conflicts. . Our hymns .. congratulations to Charan and producers, who are so naturally taken. I wish you all the way to the Oscar for India. I’m ready to give them anything on my behalf. It is very difficult to pick a realistic film than the stars. The stories are written by Fail. I know that difficult. Sukumar who wrote a story and persuaded it to the audience. He was grateful to the Telugu community for giving such a great story to the Telugu community. We do not know this thing in a mathematical lecturer. Tomorrow I’ll see Inspire as many people as Ian. Many new people come to know that I have learned and learned Sukumar. It is our responsibility to promote such a film. The story of Bahubali last year is the way our film is standing in the direction of ‘Rangasantham’. Apart from the categories and emotions, all the ‘Rangazhalam’ film should be kept with Muktha Kuttam. In terms of politics, the film industry is always the same as the Telugu cinema. My eldest father is my father. My sister is my mother .. Charan is my brother. We need great achievements. Charan has come up with no matter how many failures and failures. He does not ignore and leaves his work. Such a person will have such success. It’s just the beginning. ”

Mega Pawan Ramcharan said, “Sukumar is my favorite Director. This is not a good character for me, but for the fans, for the audience and for the fans of the film .. Thank you to Sukumar for giving me a good film. Thanks to the technicians, including Samantha, Adi, Anasuya, Brahmaji, Jagapathi Babu, Mahesh, Prasaraj. After watching the film, I can not forget my grandmother’s reaction. I do not get the words. Keeping my eyes in the eye, holding my arm and holding it for two minutes. Then I think Kalyan is going to talk to Babai’s home and watch the movie. Then Baba phone and get home! Said. Ayaninkka did not see the movie. But Kangrates says. I told you that when you see Babai, I will show the show at home. I do not want to go home anymore … I want to see people also. I am happy to come to the theater to see the film after his debut. These two reactions can not be forgotten. Thanks to the Sukumar and the producers who gave such a good film.

Director Sukumar said, “Whether the movie is success or not, there is an army in every film. The same direction team. Rameshguru has provided me with support from Arya. Along with Prasad Ananya, I have been with Arya too. I look at Sriman and correct my personality. The story of Kasi and Pratapam is the reason for this story. Kumari worked on the stage of the 21st FF without getting good chances. He ran his career. He special thanksgiving. My disciple Buddy impressed me to write a story about the characters. And in the film Seen has been doing anesthetic sense somewhere in the movie. This is our team success. I have written Scorses in the film in the film .. Scenes written by my team of claps hit by audiences. Srikanth, Prasad, Simha, Pawan, these talented individuals were able to get good output. Thanks to all these people.

Samantha said: ” I know it’s hard to beat our team. Thanks to the audience who gave me such good pleasure. The audience gave us a big prize than we thought. Ramalakshmi character will remember me forever. Chittababu Character is not otherwise Ramalakshmi Character. He gave me inspiration. Thanks to Maitrey Moviemakers “.
Jagapathi Babu said, ” After the release of the theater, the bayers are asked to know how the film collections are ‘flooded’. I do not know where it will come, “he said. The film is happy to have such big success. Fifteen and sixteen artists have done well in theater, not two. Sukumar is credited with credit. It is the best character in my thirty year history. I am going to do a Bollywood movie soon with a big hero. I will tell those details soon. Maitrey movie producers want everyone to be good at the unit so that they can understand how good they are. If Ramcharan was shot dead Cherry Character has been made by ONE. Devisri gave amazing music. The gemstones can not be quick and ectrinal. Chandra Bose gave the Extraordinary Lyrics. Art director Ramakrishna thanks Thanksgiving.

Ajay Ghosh said, “The reason for such good success is the audience gods but the producers of Maitrey Movie Makers believe this story. Sukumar is a movie star who has produced the film. My good fortune is doing in the smallest character in the Isiniima. I worked with excellent artists and technicians. Charan’s father is Chiranjeevi. Thanks to the producers who have given a chance in a good film. ”
Chandra Bose said, “It is a happy and satisfying for this great victory. The songs I wrote have a good reputation. The song that took me to another level. Thanks to Ramcharan.
In this program, Adi Pincisetti, Devisri Prasad, Anasuya, Ramakrishna, Monika, Ratnavelu and others have expressed their happiness towards the film success.

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